Valentine's Day is this weekend and we have rounded up some of the most romantic scenes from our favourite TV shows for 'Netflix and Chill' time with your loved one.

In no particular order,

10. When Ted planned the most romantic 2 minute lunch break for Stella.

HIMYM 2 Min Date

9. When Summer kissed Seth.

Spiderman Kiss in OC

8. When Serena surprised Dan for Christmas.

7. When Ryan caught Jess reassuringly.

Ryan Jess New girl

6. When Barney proposed to Robin.

Barney propose to robin

5. When Chuck finally said those 3 words to Blair.

4. When Rachel confronted Mike.

Mike and rachel

3. When Ross called Rachel his 'lobster'.

Ross and Rachel Lobster scene

2. When Seth told Summer that it's always been her.

seth summer romantic

1. Derek's proposal to Meredith.

derek meredith grey's anatomy

And that's it! We would love to know what are the most romantic scenes from your favourite tv shows. Comment below! 

Happy Valentine's!


Cherrybomb girls.



Back in March, we had a little getaway to Phuket with some of our best mates from high school days. We've been planning a trip for months and we've finally decided that a nice beach holiday would be perfect for all of us who spend most of our days working a 9-5 desk job. We stayed in Avista Hideaway Resort & Spa, a wonderful resort on the hilltop of Patong. Set in the quiet and serene part of town, covered in lush greens, the hotel has an amazing view of the ocean, an award winning spa, private pool villas, and swanky rooftop bars.
This holiday was a much needed break for us to leave our stress from our day to day lives and reconnect. During the five days, we spend most of our time lounging by the pool, walking around the hotel barefoot, exploring the little roads and alleys in Patong town, watching sunsets together, and having local food like Tom Yum and curry.

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The sunset by the beach was gorgeous and illuminated our photographs perfectly. As the sun started to set, and the waves crashed onto the shore, we held each others hands and just enjoyed the breeze and company of great friends. We were glad this trip brought us together again just like old times. We've had good laughs, reminisced the fun and rebellious times we had, and promised that we'd do this again soon. 

Cherrybomb Girls.

Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and cauldron bubble! Tonight is the night we celebrate All Hallows' Eve, one of our favourite seasons of the year. We have compiled a list of our top 10 Halloween costumes this year! Be inspired and dress to kill (pun intended). Disclaimer: Strictly no skimpy bunnies, nurses and secretaries in this list. We pay full respect to our heroines of pop culture.

Here's to the wonderful excuse to dress up that is Halloween:

10. Cruella Deville

We love a well-dressed villain, and Cruella fits the bill; elegant, sophisticated and evil-looking all at once. Wear a floor length black dress with a faux fur coat (we do not support animal cruelty of any kind) and a duotone wig to achieve the fabulousness that is Cruella Deville.

 9. Mia Wallace 

Seductive, confident and cheeky. Coming in at number 9, Mia played by Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction dons our favourite iconic 90's look. A sleek bob cut with bangs, a choker necklace, lip liner and thin, highly arched brows are why.

8. Daphne Blake

Scooby Doo's damsel in distress is a real fashionista in the 70's. We love her always purple colour coordinated outfits and that gorgeous red hair. 

7. Hermione Granger

Who can forget this famous know-it-all schoolgirl witch with the preppiest uniform from Hogwarts and that magical wand. 

6. Cleopatra

Elizabeth Taylor's charm and her stunning eye make up made her the Cleopatra of our choice. Do not forget to pile on chunky, gold accessories to help elaborate the look. Go crazy with the eyeliner.

5. Queen Amidala

Padmé Amidala from Star Wars has got to be one of our favourite fictional queens. This look may be a hard one to achieve but if done well, the whole party is going to bow down in your honour. 

4. Khaleesi

Game of Thrones' dragon lady dressed impeccably perfect as our other favourite queen. We love her hair too!

3. Catwoman

It is a tough one between Newmar or Hathaway, so we have left it up to you to take the pick! 

2. Anna and Elsa

Everyone's favourite Disney sisters share our number 2 spot with their coming to life on ABC's Once Upon A Time. 

1. Maleficent

Angelina Jolie's perfect portrayal as Maleficent proves that even the most evil of us are capable of love and kindness. The protector of the Moors is our number one pick!


Happy Trick or Treating everybody! 

Wishing you a scary Halloween,

The Cherrybomb Girls xoxo

 Our list of Top 5 Favourite Looks in Audrey Hepburn's Movies.


Our number 5 goes to this trench coat and the matching head scarf in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Here, Audrey paired a black collared shirt with a herringbone skirt underneath her perfect beige trench coat. Her tortoiseshell sunglasses remained in our wish list ever since.




Audrey wears a black belted coat in How to Steal a Million, coordinated with shiny gloves and a white bowling hat over her neat brown pixie crop with bangs. We love how pristine this whole look is, we are putting it at number 4 in this list.




There's no denying, Roman Holiday should be in this list just because it's the ultimate holiday dream; riding around in Vespas and having gelato on the Spanish Steps with a handsome local. It seemed almost natural to have braided hair and to walk around town in a pair of strappy sandals and a white shirt with sleeves rolled up for summer.




This is the perfect scenario for that infamous t-shirt every runway model and celebrity is seen recently wearing with that quote, "I Woke Up Like This", except, Audrey preferred it in that white pleated bib nightgown and a cute sleeping mask in Breakfast at Tiffany's.




And number one goes to Audrey singing Moon River in Breakfast at Tiffany's. A towel wrapped around her head, an acoustic guitar and that dreamy eyes made the top of our list.



What do you think of this list? We'd like to know your favourite looks from your favourite movies. Send us your list. You can post it on Instagram and tag us or send us a link to your blog post on our Facebook or Twitter. If we like it, you will receive a gift voucher from us!


The Cherrybomb Team.
Summer, the best season of the year to be out and about. Do your errands, meet your girlfriends, grab a milkshake, go to parties in this season's flirty skirts and crop tops.

We handpicked a few of our favourite out and about styles.


The white tee and splash of red makes this a winning combo. We love how high the slit of the flowy floral skirt is and the carefree ponytail she is wearing.



A simple grey tank dress fitted with a knotted belt and (definitely) finished with crowd-stopping sunglasses. Ace.



Karlie looking effortless going to meetings in this amazing blue cobalt dress and t-bar flats is what we try to achieve everyday, really.



We've seen crop tops worn over and over again but this look is clearly our winner. The little bit of colourful accessories add a boho flair to this cool ensemble.



Just like the one before, matching the colour of your clothes to your sunnies is a winning trick. Not forgetting the roll-out-of-bed hair that is perfect for looking like you've slept in and had been out having fun the night before.



Summer is all about baring our backs in strapless dresses. So this, and that pair of sneakers got our heads nodding yes profusely. Also great if you have a tattoo-ed forearm to match.



Rosie perfected the polka-dot dress. No one else can, hands down.



Who could forget lace in the summer? It goes on the dress and shoes, without saying. Right, Alexa?



We have a serious thing for prints. And not just prints, but your entire outfit decked out in the same print. We love this jacket and shorts (bare legs for summer, always) with that sheer singlet and plain ol' black boots.



This ethereal white chiffon dress and that flower crown stole our hearts. Makes us all want to become a fairy emerging from the woods.



Paisley dresses are cute. But paisley pinafore dresses with a crisp white shirt and combat boots is cool and cute. Always have a popsicle on your hand too.



Baseball cap, floral shorts, stiletto boots, need we say more?



Take your cues from our street style picks and show us how you're rocking your summer. Follow us and tag us on Instagram! Also, check out our Tumblr page, for more on things that we love.



The Cherrybomb Team


Cherrybomb visited Bandung!

We are so inspired by the culture in Bandung. Place with the nicest people, good food and endless amount of fabrics. We spent a weekend sourcing fabrics, meeting manufacturing companies and making the next Endless Summer 2014 collection. We are excited. Keep your eyes peeled! Read More