Cherrybomb Travels: Phuket

Back in March, we had a little getaway to Phuket with some of our best mates from high school days. We've been planning a trip for months and we've finally decided that a nice beach holiday would be perfect for all of us who spend most of our days working a 9-5 desk job. We stayed in Avista Hideaway Resort & Spa, a wonderful resort on the hilltop of Patong. Set in the quiet and serene part of town, covered in lush greens, the hotel has an amazing view of the ocean, an award winning spa, private pool villas, and swanky rooftop bars.
This holiday was a much needed break for us to leave our stress from our day to day lives and reconnect. During the five days, we spend most of our time lounging by the pool, walking around the hotel barefoot, exploring the little roads and alleys in Patong town, watching sunsets together, and having local food like Tom Yum and curry.

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The sunset by the beach was gorgeous and illuminated our photographs perfectly. As the sun started to set, and the waves crashed onto the shore, we held each others hands and just enjoyed the breeze and company of great friends. We were glad this trip brought us together again just like old times. We've had good laughs, reminisced the fun and rebellious times we had, and promised that we'd do this again soon. 

Cherrybomb Girls.

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