Top 10 Most Romantic Scenes From TV

Valentine's Day is this weekend and we have rounded up some of the most romantic scenes from our favourite TV shows for 'Netflix and Chill' time with your loved one.

In no particular order,

10. When Ted planned the most romantic 2 minute lunch break for Stella.

HIMYM 2 Min Date

9. When Summer kissed Seth.

Spiderman Kiss in OC

8. When Serena surprised Dan for Christmas.

7. When Ryan caught Jess reassuringly.

Ryan Jess New girl

6. When Barney proposed to Robin.

Barney propose to robin

5. When Chuck finally said those 3 words to Blair.

4. When Rachel confronted Mike.

Mike and rachel

3. When Ross called Rachel his 'lobster'.

Ross and Rachel Lobster scene

2. When Seth told Summer that it's always been her.

seth summer romantic

1. Derek's proposal to Meredith.

derek meredith grey's anatomy

And that's it! We would love to know what are the most romantic scenes from your favourite tv shows. Comment below! 

Happy Valentine's!


Cherrybomb girls.



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