How are we sustainable?

We source for sustainable materials within the region to produce our collections. Our current collections are made of deadstock fabrics. These fabrics are excess fabrics or rejects that are collected from large fashion houses that produce hundreds of tonnes of fabrics every year that go into waste. We take these fabrics, design, and make them into wearable fashion.

Sustainable initiatives

1. Produce locally
We produce our collections in the country to help reduce the carbon footprint from travelling, long distance shipping, and to support other local businesses.

2. Sustainable materials and production methods
To incorporate more eco-friendly materials such as fair trade organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, linen, organic wool, recycled polyester, Tencel, and natural dyes into our upcoming collections. To design and produce our products efficiently to reduce waste.

3. Packaging 
We minimise packaging as much as possible and use eco-friendly materials such as paper and biodegradable plastic.

4. Our company practices
To ensure that sustainability runs through our veins, we will look into further reducing consumption of energy, making sure everything we do is in line with our core of being a green fashion company.

5. Work with lower-income communities
We travel to rural areas in the country to work with the lower-income housewives. By getting them to sew our clothes instead of generic production companies, we help them increase their monthly income to provide education and a better quality of life for their families.